Inked Matrix Pro Team

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Design Quicker and Easier

Welcome to Inked Matrix!

We are here to help and inspire artists with easy to use tattoo brushes. We designed these brushes to make your life easier.

Please check out what we have to offer, Imagine how these brushes can save you time and make more money.

Having problems installing your brushes?

 To install the set, click on the file in the email.

A box should appear. Slide the top row of that box over until you see copy to procreate. Click that.

The folder will be installed within  procreate then. 
If this does not work, go to the play store and download a free program called ZipApp lite. 

Install it. It will not be used, it recognizes certain file types now on your iPad. (This is the purpose of downloading it)
Update your iPad. 

If are still experiencing troubles, Feel free to email us at