Streamline Your Design Process

Crank out tattoo flash faster than ever before with our premade Procreate brushes. Instantly download our brushes and stamps to create unique, one-of-a-kind tattoos quickly and easily. Mix and match brushes together to create original designs of your own, or download ready-to-tattoo flash. These ready to use premade tattoo stencils are great for your Friday the 13th flash, Black Friday deals, and holiday sales - saving you time while making you money.

Make More Money

Selling just one of these designs as a ready-to-tattoo flash piece covers the cost of the set. Our brush collections are low-cost so that tattoo artists can profit big. Time is money in tattooing. Save your time looking up reference photos when you can quickly stamp one of our banger tattoo designs and get to work.

Train Your Apprentices

Use our designs to practice tracing, to do small tattoos on fake skin, and to create new designs. Teach your apprentice how to create their own original ideas by layering brushes together, sketching over them while adding their own style and flare, and refining them into a finished piece. For all new tattooers, our "tools of the trade" brushes are available as a free download.